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How I Met my Boyfriend…

9 Aug

We blog about online dating quite often as we have both turned to it in the past to help us hopefully find a soul mate. I often wrote about how I did not imagine meeting a soul mate drunkenly at the bar because it felt as if they were always there, trying to pick up any female walking by and get her drunk enough to make her feel that she is special.

One night, when I was least expecting it and when I had only been at the bar for a short enough period of time, I ended up meeting my current love of my life.

I usually do not have the best memory but vividly remember almost everything about the night we met.

Every time I look back it reminds me out of a scene from a Tim Burton movie I love, “Big Fish”:

“They say when you meet the love of your life, time stops. And that’s true. What they don’t tell you, is that once time starts again, it moves extra fast to catch up.”

I remember looking at each other and smiling and the memory is still in my mind, and following that single event the way our relationship progressed was extra fast, but wonderful in all the right ways.

I had arrived at the bar quite late to meet my friends and had only been there for an hour or so and had only had enough time to have one drink. Brooke was way ahead of me with drinks and having a great time when, as per usual at the bar, some drunken fool started approaching us. I told him several times to leave us alone but he seemed to really enjoy pissing me off and kept showing off his dance  moves, which resembled a monkey by the way in front of me. At one point he stood in front of me and started flailing his arms around, and as I turned into the crowd, I made eye contact with who then was a stranger and (apparently) made a disgusted face at him asking for rescue from this drunken freak.

He came over to me and started talking and one conversation lead to another, lead to another and time flew by so fast that it was already last call and the bar was closing. He had only been there for less than an hour too so we were both fully sober to be able to have intelligent conversations. We had quite a lot in common, loved the same TV shows, both have careers that we are growing into and seemed to have the same sense of humour.

We somehow fit perfectly together from that day on, and the first date, the second and every other day after that. We spent so much time together, not because we felt we HAD to but because we genuinely enjoy each other’s company that we are moving in together. We decided that all the decisions we have made and will continue to make will not be to conform by what standards people say a relationship ought to follow or not follow. It is a gut feeling and when it happens, both people agree and see eye to eye and this is something rare and amazing for me having experienced the complete opposite in the past.

I remember one day having a conversation with him and the words that came out of his mouth were: “I don’t think you have ever dated someone like me because you would still have been with them to this day.” It gave me goose bumps because I knew that it was the truth.

So why did this relationship work for me but online dating failed?

Because we both happened to be at the right place at the right time, not just physically that night at the bar but in our lives. Maybe somehow the universe aligned and things happen because it was fate (if you believe in it) or maybe things are a series of random events. I don’t really know what I believe in but I am happier than ever before and most importantly I am with someone that is sure about being with me. Unlike the experience I had before with someone who was constantly confused until one day he was confused about me.

Online dating provided a good understanding for me of what attributes I liked in someone and which ones I disliked. But I found many of the men I met online had various issues. Some still lived at home in their 30’s, had unsteady jobs or jobs that were not so great, they had no aspirations and future plans and they were generally confused without much direction. It seems they all turned to online dating to not necessarily build a relationship but to hopefully find themselves. What they didn’t realize is that by turning to online dating, it means that another person may become involved and feelings often get hurt.

The important aspect about dating in general and online dating is finding yourself and making yourself someone that has various things to offer to a relationship. It is not fair to find someone to give you direction because they are not your parent or teacher, they are your partner and ought to be looking towards the same direction as you.

So next time you try online dating, already have a profile or are frustrated. Turn all that off and head out somewhere social. That wonderful person who has a career and is very busy may not have the time to dedicate to an online dating profile, but he may have the time to catch up with a friend that night and who knows, you may bump into him.


Lunch Guy

11 Feb


We have nicknamed the gentleman that this post is about “lunch guy” because all I really got from him was a lunch date and a whole load of lies. But to get a better understanding of “lunch guy” we must start from the very beginning.

About two years ago or more I was on Plenty of Fish and had spoken to lunch guy a few times. He ended up adding me to Facebook and we must have made plans to meet at some point which obviously fell through. Regardless, at the time I started dating somebody else so I don’t recall the exact reason why me and lunch guy never met up but we just didn’t work out.

Three weeks ago I was spending a lazy Sunday at home wasting endless hours on Facebook when I got a message on Facebook Chat from lunch guy. We started trying to figure out how we knew each other. After about four hours of talking back and forth, I felt like we had the BEST conversation and really were hitting it off. We talked about everything, laughed, I enjoyed his humour. He told me he was a brand manager for a company and he got to see many cool things like hockey games as well as tickets and a flight to the Superbowl. That all sounded very exciting and after a while we exchanged phone numbers. Funny enough, I have had the same contacts on my phone for ten years because I happened to have his phone number already. Neither one of us could exactly remember why we didn’t pursue going on a date but if we got to the point of exchanging phone numbers we may have.

Regardless, two days later he took a cab over to my work and met me for lunch. He was a true gentleman. It was raining a bit so he held his umbrella over me, had his arm around my waist and took me to a very nice restaurant, nice than I expected for lunch. He had a witty sense of humour, joked with the hostess and waiter and said a few things that actually made me laugh out loud. I will not lie, I was impressed. He was six years older than me, owned his own place (seems to be rare for guys in their 30s around here) and seemed to have a pretty successful career. He held my hand across the table which was pretty cutesy and he gave me a peck on the cheek when I returned to work.

I went to work with a big smile on my face and constantly kept wondering why he had been sitting there in my friend’s list for so long and I never ever noticed him before or wondered why we didn’t talk.

That week it seemed we both had already made previous plans so we were unable to see each other. The conversation kept going back and forth. He made it clear that he was extremely busy with work and usually worked 7 days a week and sometimes until late hours of the night. I have different views on this. Although I enjoy working, I truly believe one must work to live and not live to work. Regardless, since he made the time to see me during our lunch, I figured he would put in that same effort on a second date and so on.

He went away for that weekend and was completely MIA. No text messages back or phone calls and I figured he was just busy. Then Sunday I finally receive a text from him saying he’s had a crazy weekend away for work and he would tell me everything over lunch later that week. We planned for lunch on a Friday…after he was leaving the following weekend for the Superbowl. He messaged me saying that he had to catch his plane and was unable to make it to lunch. Okay so I got over it, I realize it was kind of a big deal why he cancelled an moved on with my life.

Again; another weekend of MIA but then some sporadic messages saying how he just really liked me, saw himself dating me for the long run and that we had great chemistry. I don’t really fall for these words at this moment and I think it’s impossible to feel all this after a 45 minute lunch date. Regardless, I appreciated the effort.

I was given promises that when he came back he would make it up to me by taking me on a real dinner date. But I somehow had a weird gut feeling about him. He would try to squeeze me in during lunches but dinners seemed to require much planning. In the evenings he would usually not answer his phone or messages and then send me a random one here and there. I felt like he may not only be busy with work but also maybe be in a relationship?

As we were finalizing plans for our dinner date and he was almost upgrading his nickname from lunch to dinner guy. He told me that after dinner maybe we could hang out for a bit. I said,  sure that’s a good idea and figured since he mentioned his place a few times that maybe I could check it out. Before I suggested his place, I had a funny feeling that an excuse would come up as to why we shouldn’t go there.

He told me that his sister works close to his place and sometimes works late so she often crashes at his place. This is why going there would’ve been a bad idea. I questioned him on this because his sister seemed to be married with a husband and a two year old baby. I’m not a mother myself but I figure that a new mother would want to make it home every night to at least see her baby, especially when living in the same city.

Regardless, I told him it sounded odd to me but sure moving on. He said I had no reason to be doubtful and to trust him on this. He called me from his work and assured me that he is not lying about whatever life he is living. I expressed that there were no hard feelings but I really could not get involved if he was already with someone or even living with them. His phone called was assuring. Regardless, I didn’t really care what the outcome of it was, more like something to do?

Later that day I get a message that says “You’re going to kill me but I may not be able to do dinner, I may have to work late” I replied “Don’t worry about it” and that was the end of that. I got several other messages saying that he would try his best and so on. We were supposed to meet at 5:30, anyways the whole evening came and went and he never even gave me a text or a phone call. I went home right after work and didn’t even try to contact him because I was clearly done with him and his lame excuses and pathetic lies.

The next morning I receive a text that says “Hey are you mad at me for last night.” Clearly I ignored it, then I received another one saying “I’m sorry but I really tried.” I tried my best to ignore him but the messages just would not stop. The last thing I wanted to do was let him think I was busy or something and that I was fine with being cancelled or disappointed. So I messaged him back and told him that I did not think it was a good idea for us to see each other. I needed someone who was available for me and who would be willing to do things with me. Not someone who has to pencil me in and cancel on me because they are obsessed with their job, or worse in a serious relationship. He told me that he felt I was making a huge mistake and that he cared about me and really liked me and that he had a gut feeling we could be something great.

My favourite thing is when he said “Sometimes in love things dont go the way you wan them to but it’s never that easy and you have to be patient and try. I am upset that you are not fighting for this and are giving up so easily”

EXCUSE ME? Since when are we talking about “love” here. And also, I explained that I would fight and not give up in a relationship with someone that had put the time into being with me, who fights for someone after a second date and a series of disappointments!

Regardless, I told him that mistake or not I guess if I eventually feel like I made a mistake, it would be my problem to deal with and my loss. It’s really too bad that in some cases the bird dance lasts a few months or a few years but at least in this case the bird dance lasted a lunch date and then two weeks of lying and pretending to be in a relationship and that we should “fight for it.”

In the end, I fought for what I believed in and that is what’s important.

I believed that I am worth somebody’s time, I am worth being important and a number one priority. And I am worth having someone want to learn about me and what makes me different or unique. I also am worth someone fighting for me through actions and not words. Showing up and taking me somewhere, or out to lunch. Not once, but a few times and showing me a great time and that, just maybe might make me fight for them and make me realize that they are worth fighting for.


The Interview

15 Jan

Many years ago, at the prime of my dating streak I became involved with somebody that I met in a bar.

I was in a on-and-off three year relationship at the time and he had just broken up with a girlfriend of four years. Somehow finding each other seemed to be ideal for us at the time because neither one of us wanted a huge commitment but we still missed the comforts of a relationship so it was only natural we found our way into one.

When we first started dating it was clear to us that we were sort of on the rebound and we did not expect too much of it. But as time went by and a month went by, we were spending almost every day together or so. I was staying over at his place all the time and getting ready in the mornings to go to work. He wanted me to go to his baseball games and ultimate frisbee games and I did not mind one bit. He introduced me to his friends, took me to parties, took me on double dates with his best friend and he made me and Brooke breakfast. How could I not like him, a guy that enjoyed spending time with me and vice versa and who got along well with my best friend!

Because he had been in his previous relationship for a while, I had to come to terms with the fact that he had chosen to stay friends with his ex. I did not mind this because I never felt threatened by her. Call it cockiness, call it confidence or maybe immaturity on my part but I knew that I had nothing to worry about.

I guess he had not told her that he had moved on so quickly because one day as I was going into his house, she happened to drive by to drop off some of his stuff. We encountered each other in the driveway and I knew who she was but she clearly was surprised to see me. I had done my Facebook creeping and seen old pictures of them; I always like to do my homework when getting into any kind of relationship.

I guess she felt hurt or threatened because as he came out she said out loud to him “Is this your new flavour of the week?” Clearly I was NOT happy about this remark but he assured me that she clearly was not over their relationship and I can imagine anyone would feel hurt seeing your recent ex with a new girlfriend. It was only natural that I did not like her either, so following that day, any encounters we had, clearly there was an exchange of bad remarks towards each other.Him and I broke things off after about five or six months. I guess both of us lost interest in the relationship and we were not able to grow as a couple. We did not stay friends but we also did not end things on bad terms. As years went by, we never saw each other or spoke to each other so that was the end of that. This was over three to four years ago.

Last year I was looking for a new job and started going on several interviews. I applied for a job that seemed to be a great opportunity for me and a few days later I got a phone call. The girl called me and we had a pre screening phone interview which I did well on as she said she wanted me to go in and meet her. She told me she would e-mail me the interview details and that she looked forward to meeting me. As I went to check my inbox with the interview details, my heart skipped a beat as I saw her name in my inbox. I remembered the guy’s ex I dated had a very distinct last name and I was shocked to see this in my inbox.

I did not know how to react and I tried to assure myself that this was not the same person. I really wanted to go to the interview but the idea of seeing her again was not something I wanted to do. I text messaged the guy, hoping he still had the same number and asked him whether she worked for the company I had applied for. A few minutes later, my phone went off and I had received a reply saying “Yes.” These are situations that I would read about and laugh at but ones that I never thought would happen to me.

I asked my friends what to do and was told that she probably did not remember me and to go ahead for the interview. Some told me to not bother as I would probably be awkward enough going and that would just make me feel worse. In the end, I was convinced that she would probably not remember me as she had asked me to go in and to just go ahead. I decided to be mature, take my chance and go to the interview. What did I have to lose in the end.

I showed up to the interview and was told that she would be with me in a moment. As I sat there for five minutes, it seemed like forever. But as I looked up I saw HER walking towards me. At that moment I felt really uncomfortable but her welcoming smile and handshake somehow convinced me that she really had forgotten about me. The interview went well and she started sharing stories with me about how many years ago she went to Thailand and had a great time. I pretended like this was all news to me when I had heard all the stories from our ex. In the end she told me she would keep in touch and she gave me a hug. A hug, how awkward was that.

I went home and felt somehow silly for having over analysed the whole situation. So I waited to see if I would hear back, but I didn’t. I ended up not getting the job but shortly after I got the job I have today which I love. Ironically enough, a week after I was at a bar with Brooke and as we were on the dance floor, I gazed over at the crowd and noticed my ex from three or four years ago. I thought I was seeing things but as we called out his name he came over to me and asked me how I was. Clearly, we still had the same attraction to each other because he came over afterwards. As we started catching up, he brought up my interview with his ex and asked me how it was. I told him it went well but I didn’t get the job.

He confessed that she knew it was me all along, and she had called and asked him if she should call me for an interview or not. He told her to give me a chance because my candidacy for the job should not be affected based on the fact that we had a “situation ” with him. In the end, he said she took his advice and I apparently was the best candidate but her pride and inability to get over what happened overcame her and she settled for hiring someone else. Now I can look back and find humour in the situation but I can assure you that while it happened to me I felt like the universe was playing a silly trick on me. In the end, I’m glad to see that even for the interview she was able to muster up the courage and see me and give me a chance and that ironically enough, he was the reason she had the courage to do so.

Have any of you ever been in an awkward situation? How did you handle it and what would you have done if you were me?


Santa baby, and hurry down the chimney tonight

22 Dec

With Christmas fast approaching we decided to write a blog fitting to the holiday theme. Since we write about dating, men and relationships we would like to ask everybody to share : if they could ask Santa for their dream man/woman this year, who would it be? This can be someone famous or not famous or just someone that you dream of or wish you could meet. We are allowed to fantasize are we not.


Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas is a man that is attractive, he must have very nice arms and a nice flat stomach. Does not need to have a six-pack but as long as they are not carrying around a spare tire, it will be acceptable. They must have a nice face and dreamy eyes I can stare into and they must have good hands. We have a thing with feminine hands and fingers and could write a whole post on hands. I like rugged manly hands but also maintained and clean, no dirty fingernails! He must be romantic but not overly romantic to the point where it makes me gag. Flowers once in a while are nice, so are chocolates and gifts but again, it must be tastefully done and not overwork my gag reflex.

He must give nice massages and be able to cook. I love to cook but really love when a man can cook for me and can tell me to relax while he prepares dinner. He must be willing to do dishes and clean up after himself and not be very messy or dirty. He must also have a good sense of style. He does not need to be as into shopping as I am, but he must not wear clothes with holes in them or clothes that are outdated. And please no big white chunky sneakers with jeans in a wash that dates back to the 90s! He must be charming and have a witty sense of humour but not overly sarcastic because that gets annoying. He must be able to make me laugh so humour is important but not re-tell the same joke over and over again because it’s all he’s got and he’s trying really hard. He must kiss me on the forehead and wrap his arms around me, this is a bonus.

Most importantly we must have chemistry. I don’t know how to write this one down but it must be felt always between us. He must also love dogs, little kids and not be afraid of commitment and have a nice welcoming family as opposed to a crazy one. He must also NOT be cheap and be willing to take me on nice dates and movies and weekends away together and trips, he must have strong morals and good values but also not be old fashioned and he must be playful and youthful but not immature.

Thanks Santa!




Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas is a man you create for me. He needs to be bigger than me so he can give me bear hugs, smile at me genuinely so I can see in his eyes that he’s into me. He needs to be able to carry on a good conversation, with different topics to show that he’s pretty smart and cultured. He needs to be witty, but most importantly make me laugh. It’s not hard to do that, so, Santa, I think that one will be easy to add in. He needs to be confident, but ignore the fact that he’s desirable to other women. This is your challenge Santa. It’s rare to find a guy who is confident but not cocky, and who isn’t a womanizer.

In my dreams, my man would do everything he could to get a date, and it would be epic. He would show up at a family dinner that he was invited to but couldn’t make it and present me with two tickets to Italy. Asking too much?
My man wouldn’t think this is too much! He would be excited every time he made me smile… If Italy is out of the question, how about a weekend away at a B+B?

He wouldn’t get lazy and forget that TV isn’t an activity. He would suggest board games, skating, a hike, or anything else that popped into his mind. If I was lazy, he would say “Get up babe, I’m taking you out!” If I was angry at something unrelated to him, he wouldn’t take it personally. He would use this as an excuse to bring out that smile with one of his bear hugs or just saying “I’ll help if I can, but if I can’t, I’ll just hug you… and do the dishes so you don’t have to.” He wouldn’t reverse it and be insecure, thinking it was me angry with him. But if I was angry with him, he would do everything to make it better. He’s a lover not a fighter!

How about an accent? Can we add that in there? Scotland, English or Irish sounds good to me. An avid traveler too? Yes, please!

Most importantly though, I want a man who looks at the future with me in it. Not as though he’s claimed me or said we’ll be married, but just considering me in it. If a dinner is coming up with his work or friends, he would say, “and of course you’re coming to that.” He wouldn’t be worried about money because he has a career path, even though he’s not going to be rich, he knows how to save and how to spend when the time is right. His motto is “life is too short to be stressed.”

Final request, please let him have the best penis I’ve ever seen, and know how to use it better than anyone.

I mean, Santa, you can either make this man for me or if it’s easier, just bring me Sean Connery… I’d have him any day.


We want to hear your letters to Santa! And Happy Holidays to everyone !


Our Guest Blog on Will Date for Free Food: How I met him on an online dating site

13 Dec

Hey guys,we are very excited to share with you our guest post today on one of our favourite blogs- Will Date for Free Food. In this post Mckenzie talks about meeting her boyfriend on an online dating site and the positive side to online dating. Check it out and make sure to read their blog for similar posts to ours, we love them and they are our blog soulmates but all the way in Boston!

How I met him on an online dating site – Guest Blog.

Desperate Women

24 Nov

What makes a desperate woman?

It’s one thing to judge others and call them “desperate” but when you look in the mirror can you see aspects of yourself that could be labeled as “desperate” as well? We sure can, and sadly enough while we can acknowledge it, we often find ourselves repeating this behaviour because either we are comfortable with it or we don’t know how to change it.

Let’s start off by listing some behavioural patterns that make one appear to be desperate based on some research we have done:

  1. Texting someone constantly and wondering why they have not replied within 15   minutes
  2. Getting frustrated that they haven’t replied and sending them angry messages
  3.  Constantly seeking the attention of someone you are interested in or are dating (this includes numbers 1 and 2 as well as wanting to be attached at the hip with them without any breathing room)
  4. Always being in a relationship or with someone in general
  5. Talking to ten different people via text to the point where you lose track of the conversations
  6. Gathering up as many dates as possible through online dating sites within a week and15+ in a month
  7. Dating someone who is far below your standards but settling for them because you don’t know if you can do better and you would like a boyfriend right now
  8. Being in a relationship with someone that mistreats you and tells you openly they don’t see the relationship going anywhere
  9. Staying with someone that cheats on you (repeatedly)
  10. Being in a relationship with someone that buys you an umbrella as a birthday present ( yes this happened to one of our friends)
  11. Being with someone that you know will never propose to you but willing to buy yourself an engagement ring to give to them so they can give to you (refer to #9, this is the same friend and this was a 5 year plus relationship)
  12. Sacrificing your own beliefs and values and compromising your true self because you don’t want to lose someone
  13. Being constantly afraid that someone does not love you as much as they say and will dump you and constantly bringing this up to them and questioning why they are with you
  14. Getting pregnant to purposely lock someone with you for life
  15. Agreeing with everything the other person says and not having any opinions of your own (everybody likes to be in a relationship where they are challenged)
  16. Creating a “Wedding Ideas” album/folder/Pinterest when you don’t even have a boyfriend or you are not engaged
  17. Going on the Bachelorette/Bachelor

After reading the list, unfortunately we can both agree that we fit into many of them. Now don’t mind us if we go and sulk in a dark corner, watch cheesy romance movies, eat too much chocolate and wipe our tears away. Just kidding, but really; it’s important to understand why we act this way. Is it society? Is it past experiences? Or is it watching those around us that seem to be finding their soul mates and we wonder, where is our prince charming!

Desperate is not having the words DESPERATE written across your forehead but there can be subtle hints of desperation and we can fit into many of these categories to a certain degree. We believe most of our fears or anxieties towards any relationship has been influenced by past relationships that clearly have failed, unfortunately making it very difficult to let our guard down for fear of being hurt. I (Mckenzie) find that I start to lose interest in relationships if I don’t feel that the person is giving me enough attention or making an effort to show me that they want me. I guess I start to feel some insecurity inside and wonder if they’ve changed their minds or if they are no longer interested. I like to be up front with them regarding the relationship and “evaluating” where we stand, maybe not because they need to know but mainly because I feel that I need to know.

We see desperate girls every day, even when looking in the mirror. (Brooke) I know that I find it hard to date one guy, spend a lot of time with him, and walk out of it feeling nothing. It’s not that I need constant attention, but when I don’t get it from a guy I like, I really feel like there’s a need not being filled.

I guess I deal with it in a different way, by going on dates with other guys and trying to avoid those feelings. As I go on these secondary dates, I always wonder why the first guy is still not messaging me. Then I think, wow I’m an extremely needy girl who can’t be alone. I like to think this isn’t true, when sometimes it is. I like to be liked. I like to be chased after, and most guys don’t have a problem with that.

The problem is that the guys who chase me turn out to be the wrong guys for me because they too, are needy. I need the guy who doesn’t message me every moment of the day. I am pretty unstable when it comes to my thoughts and I don’t know if I want a boyfriend half of the time or if I want a boner buddy. I switch my thoughts weighing the pro’s and con’s and decide that I have no time for anything but what I have now so I need to relax. This cycle happens every so often and then stops for a couple of weeks and repeats. It’s one of the most annoying things, but I can agree that it is an act of desperation because the attention-starved-back-in-the-high-school-days-girl won’t let go of the fact that he didn’t text me back.


Are we right in describing these actions as desperate or is it normal? Do we try to change these aspects of ourselves, and if so how?

Happy Halloween: The Prequel

30 Oct

I was inspired to write a post for Halloween as I was watching Dawn of the Dead. You may say, well how is it one can be inspired to write about men while watching a movie about zombies eating people, people killing people, and a hardly hopeful ending. Well I’ll tell you how. Spoiler alert: You know the ending when in the 2004 version; buddy is on the end of the dock going to kill himself? Well I thought, what a man. If there were a zombie invasion, I think I would choose the man who had the balls to stand at the end of the dock and kill himself rather than the guy who stays with the girl because he can’t bare to let her go. Well he’s got to let her go, otherwise his dead ass will kill her and he’ll have been a terrible lover.

There are a million movie references I can make to you, but I’m going to focus on what makes a good partner in life, just in case an invasion or some craziness happens. In 28 Weeks Later the Dad is… well he’s an ass. Spoiler! He lets his wife be eaten by zombies. What a charmer. Now the question is, how do you weed out the bad ones before you’re (hopefully never) in any of these situations? You ask yourself… if there were a zombie invasion, how would my man react? I guess you have to make a Halloween checklist:

1. Man must not throw women to zombies, serial killers, or anything of the like.
2. Man must be able to kick ass with a bat, gun, axe, or a paper clip. Like MacGyver.
3. Man must have a licence to drive… How would you escape not knowing how to drive?
4. Man must have a great body for when a zombie tears off his shirt ready to eat him. (This is when man uses step number 2 and survives.)
5. Man must have a past that does not involve sketchiness such as Michael Myers, Freddy Kruger, or those kids from the Scream franchise.
6. Man must not wear masks on days that aren’t Halloween.

I know as I refer to Bra from “The Big Red Book (Part 2),” he doesn’t exactly fall into categories that are on this list, but we can all safely assume he’s a crazy person who could potentially be part of this list at some point in his future. This is when you eliminate these people, and move on to the real men that wear black T-shirts and have big arm muscles ready to be the last one standing in any Halloween sort of invasion.

As I could go on and on, I’ll save it as I’m sure we’ll have a few stories to tell you when we’re back from our escapades of Halloween 2011. Brooke and McKenzie both encourage you to be safe, and keep these important steps in mind as you Halloween the night(s) away!