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Does Age Matter?

27 Sep


How do you know when the guy you’re dating is too young for you? Well you ask yourself. Do I see myself with him a year from now? A month from now? Am I happy about that? Do I get bothered by the fact that he talks about the future without necessarily mentioning me in it? Does it bother me that his friends live with him? Does it matter that he has batman bed sheets?

Well, the trend of dating a younger guy has always been around though maybe not that obviously. As we transition from mid to late twenties, we start wondering what we want in the next few years. I’ve asked a few friends what they think about dating their younger boyfriend. They tell me the same thing every time. It’s fun, easy, and I don’t really have to think about it. That’s all well and good because in many lives, boyfriends have been a hassle that have been a complicated mess, and a younger guy appears as an effortless good time. That is, until things become more complicated. After all, they’re still guys and one of you will inevitably fall for the other if enough time is invested.

I remember dating a guy who was six years older than me. It didn’t mean his maturity level was six years older, that’s for sure. After all, he’s a guy. I truly believe our maturity levels will always be different. You’re just best to stick with someone whose maturity level is good with yours- younger or older. Anyways, this six-year-older boyfriend had a level of maturity that I thought was more mature at the beginning. As time wore on, I saw more and more of a childish, self-absorbed “funnyman” who thought he was my gift from God.

One day my “gift from God” took a picture. He had just been in the washroom and came back with a photo. Well, what do you think that picture was of? His poop. Yup, he had taken a big poop and just thought he should take a picture and share it with me. Safe to say, he was out of my house that night. I couldn’t imagine dating a poop-loving gift from God.

Maturity levels can range far and wide, from a 22 year old being more intellectually developed than a 36 year old. I’ve dated both, and honestly can’t find one factor that says consistently: older men are better than younger guys. I can’t say the opposite either.

The conclusion I came to after discussing this with my friends was just the fact that as we get older, some of us fear settling down and think a younger guy will not be as serious. The ladies who are more than comfortable with the fact that more and more guys are looking to settle down are content with going for the one they connect with, who usually happens to be the same age or older.

My sister, for example, is seeing a younger guy. He’s 3 or 4 years younger and she is in her late twenties. Two years ago she was seeing an older guy who was the guy you could see yourself marrying (well… I couldn’t because he was bald and fat, and a douche who thought my opinions were idiotic) and the relationship was a disaster. This is another story, but as people do, they look for rebound. Though we’re not that close, I’m sure she had a one nighter or two, but she eventually started dating this guy who was younger because it was just fun. Well, they’ve been together for a year and a half now, and are looking to move in together in the next year. She plans to marry him. I can’t tell the future, but I can say that what started out as a fun thing about age turned into a serious thing where age doesn’t matter.

Age is just something that makes us feel better by putting a guy or ourselves into a category. The truth is, it’s all unpredictable. Just date who you want, sleep with who you want (as long as they’re legal age and you’re not a creeper) and just have a good time. Whether you want it or not, life happens and you can’t say where you’ll be in two or three years from now… Just don’t date a guy who shows you a picture of poop.



Do you like the flick of my hand?

21 Sep


I’m sure you’re aware that every man, guy or boy has unique quirks that make him who he is. I’m also sure you’re aware that some of these traits are the reasons for nicknames, stories, and inevitably how you describe your ex when the relationship has ended. Well, I’m here to tell you that this is not only one of the most common things to discuss with your girlfriends; it’s clearly one of the most fun things.

I’m here to tell you how a flick of the wrist lasted as one ex’s identifier for years after we had broken up. While he and I would eat dinner, he would open his palm, spread his fingers and flick across his body quickly to form his hand into a point. He would do this to ask me to pass the salt, point directions to anyone if they asked, and always… always to order dinner. We would sit down at a table and for some reason he would get a sense of power, and speak to the waitress with a cockiness that always made me shiver. He would not only point to the menu with his hand flick, but also to ask me what I was going to order, and then proceed to order it for me always in the same manner. “She’ll have the chicken,” hand flick. “I’ll have the pasta,” hand flick.

I’ll always remember McKenzie telling me that the women that worked at the store she was working at the time thought he was there to steal something. He had a sketchy way about him, only emphasized by the fact that he would flick his hand all the time. Perhaps this was a disease. The disease of the Idle Hands as the 90’s Devon Sawa flick would suggest. Anyways, it never stops being funny and once in a while I am at dinner or McKenzie is, and we burst out laughing at someone across the room ordering with the flick of the hand.

Here’s another example. A guy I dated had a weird and disgusting trait. It’s pretty awful and I can’t believe I dated him for so long considering he had this. When he kissed me, (remembering this is making me gag) he would back away at the end of our little make out with his mouth open and tongue sticking out. Yeah, I dated a dog. It wasn’t so weird at the beginning because I thought he was just into it and would go back for another wet one… literally. Now that I think about it, I only dated him because I was lonely at the beginning, and I guess that deserves ignoring a dog tongue. As time wore on, he would do it consistently. He would just open his mouth with his moist little tongue sticking out. Gross.

I started looking away because I couldn’t take it anymore. What’s worse is that it started that when we had sex he would do it too. He would be so into it that he wouldn’t realize his mouth was open and his tongue was out like a dog. Hell, my dog doesn’t even pant that much. I started saying “Your mouth is open again,” and he would reply with “Oh I didn’t realize.” He would close it but near the end of our relationship I just stopped being attracted to him. I couldn’t take the constant panting. If I were into dogs, I’d just date one and save myself the emotional turmoil.

The dating world is filled with little traits and quirks that can be loveable, or ultimately be the end to something that could have been. There are all kinds of them, and you know we have them too. The difference is, we’re far more judgemental than men, and will discuss them to no end with our girlfriends. In any case, a new relationship is always exciting and terrifying… what traits will your new man have?

Oh, Hey… Where have you been?

21 Sep



Well it has been a busy summer. McKenzie and I have definitely neglected you, and to apologize we have a beautiful man and babe photo to suit readers of both sexes. Also, if that doesn’t do it for you, we have a new post on it’s way. This summer was filled with travel, work, new relationships, new ridiculousness, and then me spilling water on my laptop and not being able to afford a new one to keep up with the blog. NOW that time is over!

Glad to be back!